September 9

Visitation YCF to SMJK Triang On 7 Sept 2017

YCF had on 7 Sept 2017 visited SMJK Triang on Upper Secondary Vocational Programme/Program Vokasional Menengah Atas (#PVMA).
#SMJKTriang is offering Esthetic and Facial Skills, one of the twelve Skills set certification under the PVMA. There are 12 pioneer secondary schools in Malaysia selected to upgrade the #vocational subject in SPM to PVMA. SMJK Triang is one of the only 2 #SMJK with the PVMA program.
PVMA is part of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (#TVET) Program of Ministry of Human Resources (#MOHR). PVMA is a Skills set certification programme in SMK which was implemented by Kemeterain Pelajaran Malaysia (#KPM)/Ministry of Education (#MoE) in collaboration with The Department of Skills Development/Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (#JPK) of the MOHR to minimize the dropout of the academic less inclined students in secondary schools.
The TVET program is implemented to encourage students to excel in their career and become successful entrepreneurs. Thus, the program focuses more on vocational skills(52%) than academics(48%).
These students beside seeking employment are able to obtain further certifications/Diploma /degrees in Skills training institutes and Technical Universities.
*All Surpluses from Big Sweep ( will be donated to Yu Cai Foundation *
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