July 21

Yu Cai Foundation


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 #南洋商报 4月19日报道:


Yu Cai Foundation sponsors science apparatus for SMJK. Helping schools in dealing with physical facilities shortage.

(News Coverage by Nan Yang Siang Pau, 19 Apr 2017)







#星洲日报 4月19日报道:

学校须贯彻 STEM 教育,培育学生应对挑战。

Schools should implement STEM education. Prepare students in facing challenging world. Yu Cai Foundation sponsored millions Ringgits for schools.

(News Coverage by Sin Chew Daily, 19 Apr 2017)


#育才基金 #YCF #大彩 #BigSweep #STEM

 #星洲日报 5月30日报道:


In addition to being knowledgeable, teachers must own good teaching skills. Yu Cai Foundation supports the development of vernacular education and sponsors for teacher training.

(News Coverage by Sin Chew Daily, 30th May 2017)


Penang Chinese Girls’ Private High School (槟华女子独立中学)
Phor Tay High School

#育才基金 #独中老师 #教育专业文凭 #教学素质 #YCF #DiplomaInEducation #TeachingSkills #大彩 #BigSweep

 #中国报 5月30日报道:

独中教师 “教育专业文凭“ 课程于槟城钟灵独中开课,育才基金承诺在母语教育领域里协助培训更多老师,推广母语教育。

Diploma in Education Programme has commenced for Independent Chinese School’s teachers at Chung Ling Private High School, Penang. Yu Cai Foundation promised to support teacher training in vernacular education.

(News Coverage by China Press, 30th May 2017)



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October 25

National Horse Show @ PRTC 13-16 Oct 2016

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We had taken a booth event to promote our Yu Cai Foundation in conjunction with National Horse Show during

13-16 Oct 2016 @ Perak Turf Club.

The crowd is encouraging and reached the max on 16 Oct 2016 (Sunday). Our main purpose is to create awareness of our Big Sweep ticket and Yu Cai Foundation.

During the promotion we also have lucky wheel with mystery gift.

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September 29

141st Anniversary Dinner of Penang Chinese Town Hall 28-09-16

We have promotion of Yu Cai Foundation (YCF) in conjunction with 141st Anniversary Dinner of Penang Chinese Town Hall on 28-09-16

Group photo, together with Dato’Khoo, and Tan Sri  Tan, Chairman, Vice Chairman of PCTH, Dato’ Yeoh and DJN Teh.




pcth-3 img_20160928_183050 pcth-2 img_20160928_183346


pcth-4Penang Chinese Town Hall supports Big Sweep’s charitable initiative – “Yu Cai Foundation established to promote mother tongue education”.

Source: Kwong Wah Yit Poh | Nation | Page C7 | 2/10/2016


Update 25-10-16:

Our news published in

Kwong Wah.

China Press.



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July 19

Promotion Event in Fajar One Restaurant, Sitiawan @ 12-07-16

IMG_20160712_124610 20160712_133039 20160712_141251 20160712_131818 20160712_131745 20160712_125445 20160712_123829 20160712_123706 IMG_20160712_122812 IMG_20160712_124950 IMG_20160712_131240 IMG_20160712_131510


On 12/7/16 we have a sales promotion at Fajar One Restauran, Sitiawan together with Jackson Tan. The promotion period took about 3 hours and the respond  was very encouraging. The purpose of this event is to create our Yu Cai Foundation awareness. Many customers support our product after they get to know our YCF mission.

Fajar One Restaurant (behind the Store supermarket) is one of our authourised Point Of Sales (POS) in Sitiawan, if you want to purchase/ redemption your winning tickets, you can pay a visit there.


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July 5

Promotion Event At Four Face Buddha Temple, Kampong Kepayang @ 03-07-16

IMG-20160703-WA0015 IMG-20160703-WA0013 IMG-20160703-WA0011 IMG-20160703-WA0010 IMG-20160703-WA0007 IMG-20160703-WA0005 IMG_20160703_112107 IMG_20160703_125050 IMG_20160703_134152 IMG_20160703_111213 IMG_20160703_104039_BURST1 IMG_20160703_103111 IMG_20160703_103504 IMG_20160703_103417 IMG_20160703_102831 IMG_20160703_102245 IMG_20160703_100918 IMG_20160703_101044 IMG_20160703_100311 IMG_20160703_100613 IMG_20160703_100309 IMG_20160703_100228 IMG_20160703_100226 IMG_20160703_095122 IMG_20160703_100142



On 03-07-16 we have a sales promotion event with our BisPA member, Mr Ng at Four Face Buddha Temple at Kampong Kepayang. We arrived the said temple around 9.00am. After set up the booth we started to promote our Big Sweep Project Angel (BisPA) program and Yu Cai Foundation‘s mission.


The respond was very encoraging from the public. The whole event took about 5 hours to complete. This is was the second time we had our promotion here.

You can check out our first time promotion more detail just click here.


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May 30

Promotion Event Larut Matang Food Court on 30-05-16

IMG_20160530_133232 IMG_20160530_115519  IMG_20160530_115228 IMG_20160530_115207 IMG_20160530_114528IMG_20160530_115036 IMG_20160530_114413 IMG_20160530_114306 IMG_20160530_114025 IMG_20160530_113120


On 30-05-16 morning 11.00pm, We have a sales promotion at food court, Larut Matang, Taiping to create awareness of our company’s Yu Cai Foundation vision. The respond was encouraging after we explained our YCF vision.

The sales promotion is a join venture between our main agent Mr Rueban and his sub-agent sub agent Mdm Lim. If you see Mdm Lim is selling Big Sweep lottery tickets around that area, please support her, support her meaning you support our Yu Cai Foundation.

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October 7

Yu Cai Foundation

Yu Cai Foundation (YCF) is a charitable initiative by Ananda Krishnan and Usaha Tegas Group

About YCF
  • YCF was officially launched on the 28th of January 2015. We are a community-dedicated foundation, initiated by Ananda Krishnan and the Usaha Tegas Group. We are funded by surpluses from Pan Malaysia Sweeps Sdn Bhd.


  • Our vision is to enable deserving students with the opportunities to achieve the fullest potential of their academic and vocational aspirations through education


  • Yu Cai, or 育才, literally translated, means “to nurture talent” in Mandarin. Our primary mission seeks to advance, uplift, and benefit deserving students by providing them with support, resources, and financial aid.

How YCF Helps?

  1. Providing scholarships / sponsorships to Malaysian students wishing to further their studies in Mandarin-based schools
  2. Providing scholarships to students pursuing training as vernacular language teachers
  3. Provide funding to ensure that adequate laboratory equipment, conducive for a good learning environment is available in vernacular schools
  4. Providing grants to educational institutions or individuals involved in scientific, artistic, technical, and vocational, or advanced academic pursuits that contribute to Malaysia’s socio-economic development
  5. Working with Mandarin-based educational institutions in collaborating with other institutions within the Malaysian education system to transform and improve the level of education in the country

YCF’s Secretariat

  • The YCF Secretariat is headed by Tiong Ting Ming, General Manager.




For more information on YCF, you can visit the website at http://www.ycf.org.my/



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