July 5

Promotion Event At Four Face Buddha Temple, Kampong Kepayang @ 03-07-16

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On 03-07-16 we have a sales promotion event with our BisPA member, Mr Ng at Four Face Buddha Temple at Kampong Kepayang. We arrived the said temple around 9.00am. After set up the booth we started to promote our Big Sweep Project Angel (BisPA) program and Yu Cai Foundation‘s mission.


The respond was very encoraging from the public. The whole event took about 5 hours to complete. This is was the second time we had our promotion here.

You can check out our first time promotion more detail just click here.


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April 14

BisPA Sales Activity @ Zhao Hui Temple on 11-04-16

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On 11-04-16 we have a sale activity promotion at Zhao Hui Temple Kuala Kangsar. The sales is very encouraging as

the crowd people are keen to support by buying big sweep lottery tickets, meaning support YCF. If you do not know what is YCF- Yu Cai Foundation, please click here.

Currently we are actively looking for business partner in Kuala Kangsar to become our authorize re-seller. If you are interested please do not hesitate to call our Ipoh branch office at 05-2559119 and speak to Stanley.

For more information on our product, you can click here.



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April 7

Project Angel Sales Activity @ Sam Poh Tong 04-04-16

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On 04-04-16 Rayson and I performed a sales activity in Sam Poh Tong selling our Project Angel Mr Ng and Mr Wong (yellow shirt)’s big Sweep tickets. Both of them are our BisPA member and currently full time actively selling big sweep tickets. Both of them are OKU and they are independent as well.

BisPA is one of our Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd‘s CSR program.

Our task on that day is to explain what is BisPA and Yu Cai Foundation to the public. Yu Cai Foundation is a charitable initiative by Ananda Krishnan Tatparanandam and Usaha Tegas Group.

The sales is very encouraging and many customers supported them. If you see them selling around Ipoh town area, please support them.



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September 16

Big Sweep Project Angel- BisPA


Our Motto “Yes I can!!”


Big Sweep Project Angel  (” BisPA”)

Is a Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd‘s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, unveiled in June 2012. BisPA is a committed to the communities it operate in, and, believes in playing a role in uplifting the social and economic welfare of underprivileged communities (herein referred to as “Angel”).

BisPA will focus on the disable adults, the elderly and single parents who are without any regular or permanent means of support.

Our Vision – Driven by our long term objective of playing a role in uplifting the social and economic welfare of underprivileged communities and be recognized as a good corporate citizen.

Our Mission- To uplift the lives of Angel to be self-reliant and independent by way of earning a living through Big Sweep.

Our Aim

1) To provide opportunities and a platform to assist Angel to earn a livelihood through selling of Big Sweep tickets

2) To bring communities together to show support for Angel and in the process be recognized as common members of society.

3) To provide suitable aids, where necessary, and ultimately bring joy to Angel.

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August 10

Four Face Buddha Temple 26-07-15

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On 24-07-15  Sunday morning about 9.00am, we are having a small scale of promotion to create Yu Cai Foundation awareness in Four Face buddha temple near Gopeng.

Yu Cai Foundation (YCF)  was officially launched on the 28th of January 2015. A community-dedicated foundation, initiated by Ananda Krishnan and the Usaha Tegas Group. YCF is funded by surpluses from Pan Malaysia Sweeps Sdn Bhd.

Together with our angel Mr Ng, we set up a mini counter start selling our big sweep tickets. The respond is very encouraging and the customer are very supportive.




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