April 13

Star Wars Day – 40th Years Anniversary


LOMLUG have promised to have a whole year of fun filled contests & events for all of you! What better way to start the ball roling with LOM’s annual Star Wars contest:- Star Wars Day – 40 Years Anniversary!

1) Size 48×48 studs base plate with LEGO® bricks only.
2) There are 2 categories, Adult & Kids
5-15years old – Kids
16 and above – Adult
3) Participants must email LomEvent1@gmail.com to register your slot with participant’s Name, Contact Number and MOC Title(if any). Participants will be given ‘Force 1’, ‘Force 2’ and onwards when you register. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please include hashtag #LOMTheForceIs40 and MOC Title if you like to share your entry to LOM FB Group. Take note that you MUST submit your interest to participate by email. Posting the MOC alone in LOM page is not sufficient.

4) Participants may submit more than one MOC and may win more than one prize. Judging is based on overall appearance, creativity, and techniques used.
5) Contest registration closes on 14 May 2017 (Wednesday) 11.59pm or when all ‘The Force’ slots are taken up.
6) All participants must display your MOC at Sunway Pyramid on 20th May 2017 for judging. Judges decision is final.
7) Terms and Conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.

The Star Wars is 40 event will be held at Sunway Pyramid on the 20th-21st May 2017. It will be the biggest Star Wars event in Malaysia, and will be participated by many other Star Wars groups.
*Banner designed & created by Douglas Khoo

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December 30

LEGO Lunar New Year 2017

safe_image (1)

safe_image (2)

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Event Details:

Venue: Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Date: 19 –22 Jan 2016
Time: 10am – 10pm
Event Activities include:

Big Rooster Building Activity
All day long activity for max of 4 family member/ group (eg: dad & mum + 2 kids) to build a part of the Big LEGO Rooster and combine together to become a 3ft height LEGO Rooster within 4 event days.
Recommended for kids from 3 years old and above, but no age limit. Parental guidance is necessary for kids below 7 years old.
Family Rooster Building Competition
All day long activity for max of 4 family member/group (eg: dad & mum + 2 kids) to build a medium LEGO Rooster together in the quickest time possible. Top 3 families by end of the event (4 days) with the quickest building time will win a 26cm height LEGO Rooster.
Recommended for kids from 3 years old and above, but no age limit. Parental guidance is necessary for kids below 7 years old.
Limited Edition Gifts with Purchase
EVENT SPECIAL DEAL – FREE 2 sets of LEGO Year of Rooster Angpow packets (Red and Yellow) with purchase of any LEGO play set.
FREE 1 LEGO exclusive Year of Rooster with purchase of any LEGO play set worth RM 200 or above.
Others terms and conditions apply.
Angpow with Mini Rooster Giveaway by LEGO Mascots
LEGO mascot will make his appearance to greet the mall with the gift of play – A LEGO angpow with LEGO Mini Rooster!
Appearance time (daily):
11am – 11.30am
1.30pm – 2.00pm
3.30pm – 4.00pm
6.30pm – 7.00pm
8.30pm – 9.00pm
and many more Free Bricks Building Activities!

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November 17

LEGO Display Event 2015


This is the largest LEGO display in 1 Utama Shopping center 2015. The display start from 10-22 Nov 2015.

I still remember in year 2013 there was a LEGO display in Bangsar Village 2 and one of the major theme is Castle. That display totally bring me back from LEGO dark age. I decided to choose focus one theme either LEGO start wars or LEGO castle. I believed you know the answer.. haha…

The castle theme more focus on battle war scene with huge swarm of armies.

You can check the LEGO display 2013 here:

LEGO Display 2013 @ Bangsar Village 2, Malaysia.

In year 2015, this is the largest LEGO display in 1 Utama shopping center, Malaysia. I can see many master builder build their dream LEGO bricks and MOC. It created wow factor to me and really inspire me to focus more on MOC. Only the sky is limit.

You can check the LEGO display 2015 here:

LEGO Display 2015 @ 1 Utama shopping center, Malaysia

I urge for those who still not yet visit the LEGO event, please go and visit and touch it with your own… I spent few hours at the same place taking picture till my phone battery finished even phone memory finished!!

Last but no least, I sincerely hope and wish all the builder/ MOCers keep strong, stay calm continue play LEGO, BE MORE UNITE and bring our country’s name Malaysia fly high in international platform.


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August 22

PAB Group LEGO Bricks Display



Welcome all to join our LEGO display event.

Date: 14th – 27th SEPTEMBER 2015

Mon- Friday: 11.00am- 7.00pm
Saturday- Sunday: 10.30am- 7.00pm


27B, Lapangan Symphony Business Park,
Jalan Lapangan Symphony, 31350 Ipoh, Perak.

On 19th Sept 2015, There will be special event stated below.

2:00p.m. – Gathering at Master Hobby Official
3:00p.m. – Draft game (CCF)
4.30p.m. – Lucky draw section

1st section lucky draw for those who fill up member form(get it from Master Hobby). The free gift will post to him/her.

2nd section: Lucky draw for attendee on 19th Sept. The lucky person must present to collect the free gift.

What to do??

1) Claim the 15% voucher apply to all LEGO product. Show your voucher (in email ) on 19th Sept to enjoy the discount. 1 voucher can be redeem per purchase in single receipt.

Claim your voucher here:

Term and Condition apply.

1) Start from today, you can fill up a member application form to entitle for 1st section lucky draw. (Get the form from Master Hobby)

2) Free yourself on 19th Sept, join us for the event, there will be second section lucky draw for attendee. He/ She must present to claim the lucky prize.

3) For those who don’t know/ never play LEGO draft game/ Cup Cup Fun (CCF) before, it is your best opportunity to join us and learn how to play.

4) There will be fire sales section whereby members/ LEGO reseller can bring along their set for resell purpose. Try your luck come and visit.

What to bring:

1) Yourself
2) Enough money.
3) Plastic beg to keep bricks (Those who join CCF)

PAB Fun Club



p/s: You can check out more picture here.

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August 21

Blue Lion Army

God Level MOC from AFOL Taiwanese.

A very nice MOC.

I hope they will release the instruction manual in near future.

love the design details, and also the concept of this design.

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