August 18

Huat Tian Keong Temple Event Promotion 16-08-16

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On 16-08-16, we had a Yu Cai Foundation(YCF)- create awareness campaign in Huat Tian Keong Temple, Bercham. This is the 3rd year we had our activity in this temple. The main purpose is to explain what is Yu Cai Foundation to public.
All surpluses from Big Sweep will be donated to Yu Cai Foundation (YCF), a charitable organization dedicated to nurturing talent through education.

This year we had a different approach to temple committee, we suggested to them each table dinner 10 tickets that customer bought, bundle up with our 10 Big Sweep lottery tickets. It may sound ‘wild’ idea suggestion to them, however after deep discussion and explanation to temple committee and finally they all agreed!!

On that night 2 of the committee members selling Big Sweep tickets during the dinner and all of us focus on explanation YCF to public.

The respond is very encouraging and many people who attend the dinner agreed with our YCF mission.

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August 1

This Is My First Blog Post

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog and this is my first post in this blog.

In this blog I will sharing all internet marketing strategy with you that I learnt.

You are most welcome to visit my blog and leave any comment and we grow together.



Stanley Ng

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