August 1

About Me

About Stanley Ng

I graduated in University Malaya ( studied in Science-major Statistics) in year 2000. I worked in insurance line untill year 2012.

In the year 2006 I came across ebay auction site and I started looking an extra way to made some money online. I sell many things and made a good extra income monthly. However being Malaysian to sell online was really a nightmare that time. The reason behind was because the money I received in Paypal which unable withdraw!!

GobalaUntill I found another internet marketer guru from Malaysia- Gobala Krishnan. One of his signature product- CHAPTER-M, solved all our malaysian nightmare who used paypal as payment gateway.Why I called paypal is nightmare to Malysian? Imaging this case, you sell something on internet and you collect the fund through paypal: however  you had no way to withdraw the fund in your paypal  account.! Ridiculas… However today, paypal already recognized our local Malaysia bank and solved the problem automatically. I attended his course in year 2008.



In the year 2009 I had took up the PowerU’s exam to become ebay education specialist. In the same year, together with me plus another 6 ebay education specialist  conducted a seminar to 400



student in Matrade. From there I learnt a lot and gain many valued experience.

In ebay I bought another digital product from John Thornhill (ebay powerseller)- Auction Profit Stream which totally changed my mindset while doing business in ebay.

To be continue……


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