November 17

LEGO Display Event 2015


This is the largest LEGO display in 1 Utama Shopping center 2015. The display start from 10-22 Nov 2015.

I still remember in year 2013 there was a LEGO display in Bangsar Village 2 and one of the major theme is Castle. That display totally bring me back from LEGO dark age. I decided to choose focus one theme either LEGO start wars or LEGO castle. I believed you know the answer.. haha…

The castle theme more focus on battle war scene with huge swarm of armies.

You can check the LEGO display 2013 here:

LEGO Display 2013 @ Bangsar Village 2, Malaysia.

In year 2015, this is the largest LEGO display in 1 Utama shopping center, Malaysia. I can see many master builder build their dream LEGO bricks and MOC. It created wow factor to me and really inspire me to focus more on MOC. Only the sky is limit.

You can check the LEGO display 2015 here:

LEGO Display 2015 @ 1 Utama shopping center, Malaysia

I urge for those who still not yet visit the LEGO event, please go and visit and touch it with your own… I spent few hours at the same place taking picture till my phone battery finished even phone memory finished!!

Last but no least, I sincerely hope and wish all the builder/ MOCers keep strong, stay calm continue play LEGO, BE MORE UNITE and bring our country’s name Malaysia fly high in international platform.


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